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Chola-built temples in Karnataka
« on: October 14, 2016, 12:03:56 PM »
Author - Virarajendra

Abrief study on Chola-built temples in Karnataka

(1) Panchalingeswara Temple
The Panchalingeswara Temple is in Begur in Bangalore. This is a Chola Temple with
Tamil Inscriptions was built about 1000 year ago. There are five sanctums in which five
different granite Linghams are enshrined and one bears the name Sri Choleshwara.

(2) Chokka Perumal Temple - Domlur, Bangalore

The Chokka Perumal Temple is situated in Domlur in Bangalore. This was a Chola period Temple with Tamil Inscriptions on the walls of this temple. This Temple is located in the village earlier known as Tombalur (the present Domlur)
alias Desimaanikka Pattinam in the region of Ilaippakka Nadu (the present city of Bangalore) of the country the Thadikaipaadi (in South Karnataka). With the capture of the
Thadikaipaadi region by the Chola Emperor Rajaraja Chola - 1 of Tamil Nadu in A.D.998, it was renamed as Rajaraja Chola Valanaadu. This Vaisnavite Temple with two
storeys was constructed by a Tamil Chettiar named Thiripuraanthakan of Talaikkaadu and his wife Chettichchi Parpathi along with some other Chettiars with the image of (Lord
Vishnu) consecrated named as "Thiripuranthaka Perumal" during the period of rule of Rajaraja Chola - 1.

With the death of Rajaraja Chola - 1 in A.D.1014 and the acendence of his son Rajendra Chola - 1 on Chola throne in Tamil Nadu, the Thadikaipaadi was renamed as Rajendra
Chola Valanaadu. In the year A.D.1258 Aalala Nambiyar gave donations on the temple to Priest Manali Thiripurantha Aasaariyaar of that time to conduct the daily Poosai
valipaadukal and maintenance of the temple. It appears it was during this period the presiding deity of this temple also came to be known as Chokka Perumal. It is also
known that there had been a big lake closer to this temple at that time for the use of water for all temple ritual purposes.

Refer - Epigraphica Carnatica - Vol 9, Inscriptions of Bangalore Taluk - No:10 & 13.

(3) Boginandeeswara Temple
The Boginandeeswara Temple is situated on Nandi Hills 50 km away from Bangalore.
This was a Chola period Temple with Tamil Inscriptions on the walls of this temple.

(4) Someswara Temple
The Someswara Temple is situated in Ulsoor in Bangalore. This was a Chola period

The Someswara Temple is situated in Ulsoor in Bangalore. This was a Chola period
Temple and has the images of the 63 - Tamil Saiva Saints within the temple.

(5) Kolaramma Temple
The Kolaramma Temple is situated at Kolar about 60 km away from Bangalore. This was
a Chola period Temple built by Rajendra Chola - 1 (A.D.1012-1044) and has the image
supposed to be that of Rajendra Chola - 1. The walls of this temple is fully covered with
many Tamil Inscriptions.

Refer - Epigraphica Carnatica - Vol 10, Inscriptions of Kolar Taluk - No:.

(6) Mukthi Natheswara Temple - Binnamagala, Nelamangala Taluk The Mukthi Natheshwara Temple is located in Binnamangala at Nelamangala taluk 60 Km away from Bangalore apparently built during the period of Kulothunga Chola - 1
(A.D.1069-1120) of Tamil Nadu. There is a stone image in front of the Temple which mentions in the Year A.D.1110 during the 41st year of the Chola king the administrative
officer of the region "Udaiyaan Rajaraja Kulothungan alias Kulothunga Chola Athimuurkka Chengiraiyaan", made 'endowments of surrounding lands and other donations - (devadanam)" to the the presiding deity (God Siva) of the temple namely
(then known as) "Muththeeswarem Udaiya Mahathevar" of the village Vinmamangalam of Kukkanur Nadu of Viikkiramachola Mandalam. He arranged these details to be inscribed
on a stone and planted therein.

This stone Inscription Panel can be seen even today planted within the temple
premises. Opposite the temple in the front there are three sculptures, one of which is of
interest. This is a sculpture of a devotee wearing a head turban and with clasped hands
on a single stone (about 2 1/2 ft ht approx) which the nearby villagers hold is the stone
image of the Chola king Kulothunga Chola - 1, whereas from the inscription on the
stone panel it is confirmed as that of the Chola admistrative officer of this region under
Chola king Kulothunga Chola - 1 of Tamil Nadu, who himself had the name as
"Udaiyaan Rajaraja Kulothungan (his royal title) alias Kulothunga Chola Athimuurkka

Refer - Epigraphica Carnatica - Vol 9, Inscriptions of Nelamangala Taluk - No: 3.

(7) SiddeswaremTemple - Soladevanahalli, Nelamangala Taluk

(8) Pidari Saamundeswari Temple - Mailanahalli, Nelamangala Taluk

The Pidari Saamundeswari Temple apparently was located in the region of present
Mailanahalli north of the town Nelamangala. However this temple doesnot presently exist
in this region. However an inscription on the second floor of the structure at the village
entrance has a Tamil Inscription of the period of Rajendra Chola - 1 from which we come
to know this temple was named as Pidari Saamundeswari temple and the region was
then known as Kukkanur Nadu of Vikkramachola Mandalam.

(9) Madeswara Temple - Madikere, Nelamangala Taluk
(10) Gopalakrishna Temple - Ayinkandapura, Nelamangala Taluk
(11) Dharmeswara Temple - Soladevanahalli, Nelamangala Taluk
(12) Mallikarujuna Temple - Heggunda, Nelamangala Taluk
(13) SiddeswaremTemple - Soladevanahalli, Nelamangala Taluk
(14) Someswara Temple - Gangavara Chowdappanhalli, Devanahalli Taluk
(15) Kasi Visveswarya Temple - Kadugodi, Hoskote Taluk
(16) Narayanaswami Temple - Malurpattana, Channapattana Taluk
(17) Arakeshwara Temple - Malurpatana, Channapattana Taluk
(18) Ramadeva Temple - Kudlur, Channapattna Taluk
(19) Managaleswara Temple - Kudlur, Channapattna Taluk
(20) Arakeshwara Temple - Chikkamalur, Channapattna Taluk
(21) Gopalaswami Temple - Chikkamalur, Channapattna Taluk
(22) Kaleswara Temple - Chikkamalur, Channapattna Taluk
(23) Apraneyaswami Temple - Doddamalur, Channapattna Taluk


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